BioThane® dog collars & leads

BioThane® is a trademarked artificial material that has the look and feel of leather, but without the problems that comes with leather.  It’s basically a polyester webbing with a TPU or PVC coating that makes it more durable, waterproof, and easy to clean.

I only use genuine BioThane® – beware of cheap imitations!

Want to customise your order?

Custom orders are for embellished collars (Svarowski or Rhinestone crystals, decorative rivets and iron-on prints) as well as custom lengths collars and leads.

What is BioThane® ?

BioThane® is strong, durable, and pliable. It comes in various widths, thicknesses, colours and also textures.  One aspect I genuinely appreciate is just how low maintenance BioThane® is compared to leather.

I mainly use two types: BioThane® Beta and BioThane® Gold. Beta has a feel and look like leather and is very soft and pliable whereas Gold is a little stiffer but it’s SHINY! Also – dirt and water just run off the Gold.

BioThane® leads and collars have a 360kg break strength per 2cm width. BioThane® only gets brittle at extremely low temperatures. BioThane® only starts breaking down at -49°C (-56°F)!

Our BioThane® leads and collars come in widths from 12mm (for tracking / detection leads) to 25mm for collars.

“off-the-peg” collars and leads can be ordered online.

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